Within each construction project that Timbela Projects undertakes, we ensure that we take into consideration all aspects of the project, so that sufficient planning can be done before commencement. We are able to complete projects of varying sizes and maintain strict quality control and safety standards from start to finish, as we value international best practices as a guideline for our own work. We make sure to understand the requirements of each client and project in order to ensure that we find the best solutions to satisfy their needs and overcome any challenges that require our special attention. Excellent communication and a high level of quality work delivered on time and within budget means that we are trusted by government, private enterprise and other institutions to deliver top quality results.

As we are a company capable of taking on the largest of projects with aplomb, we have resources and well-trained personnel on hand to ensure that all elements of electrical, mechanical and civil engineering are backed up by a strong base of building excellence. We have the level of expertise and the humility to work hand in hand with partners within our industry to produce projects throughout the country and in neighbouring states, as we work well with other companies in the completion of building projects.

Our General Building and Construction services include design and consultation with regards to new projects from scratch, renovations, maintenance and project management, ensuring a full solution from a trusted company.

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